Audience Targeting

By combining audience and context targeting we reach your audience in an effective and efficient manner. Reaching your predefined audience increases campaign engagement, lowers the eCPM and results in higher earned media.

Data Management Platform (DMP)

RSVP's unique DMP focuses on social media activities and can be coupled with first party data to increase engagement for campaigns. The DMP can be used across your campaigns and for multiple purposes like retargeting or storytelling.


Check out "Big Buck Bunny".

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Social Native!

RSVP is designed to integrate natively with social media and shows up in your feed including Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp, Pinterest, Tumblr or E-Mail.

We provide you with insights across devices and identifying the success of your campaign through out traditional online or social media.

You can easily try it your self with our demo on the left, just use the social media buttons after starting the video. 

Or you want to use the player in one of you own post? Simply copy & paste the following code into a facebook message:



The most comprehensive global showtimes and ticketing solution available, delivering users straight to the point of sale.

Based on your geo location find the closest cinema to you and select an available screening in real-time.

Boost Ticket Sales

Include a point of sale for restricted and time constrained events like movies, concerts, fairs or trips.

A Social Video Player designed to engage with your audience

Responsively Awesome

Our proprietary player has been designed & developed based on current HTML 5 standards allowing it to display beautifully across all devices and sizes.

RSVP will always show the video in 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio to guarantee the best user experience. The same player can be scaled seamlessly to fit in almost every format, e.g. 300x250, 640x480, 1024x768. This makes an integration into owned content straight forward and can be adjusted as needed.

Real-time insights

RSVP tracks in real-time all relevant metrics for Attention, Awareness and Advocacy including Impressions, Views, Clicks, Video Completion Rate, Engagement Rate, Shares. We provide an API to include our metrics in your own applications.

Track Owned, Paid & Earned Media

With the native integration into social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Whatsapp our player shows up in the users social feed and tracks shares, re-shares and earned views.


Access over 25.000 global leading publishers

RSVP (Responsive Social Video Platform) provides a comprehensive programmatic solution to easily deliver your social video campaigns across premium publishers and all devices.

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