Responsive Design

RSVP is based on HTML5 and responds to its environment for the best user experience across Desktop, Smartphone and Tablet.

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Social Integration

RSVP integrates natively with social media and shows up in your feed.  Our platform tracks Owned, Paid and Earned media in real-time.

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Fully Customisable

RSVP can be adapted to your corporate design and campaign needs, including color, images and language.

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Responsive Social Video Platform

RSVP is a programmatic social video platform that enables advertisers to get their videos watched, tracked and shared across the web. The responsive mobile first approach works across multiple operating systems and browsers across desktop, mobile and tablet devices. It is enabled for 3rd Party Tracking and tracks all relevant metrics for Attention, Awareness and Advocacy in real-time.

We use real-time-bidding (RTB) to secure premium placements on the most relevant, high-quality websites including the world’s largest news sites, bogs and social networks. Our player integrates natively in your Social Media feed like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Whatsapp.

We increase engagement on your social video campaign by incorporating games, galleries or playlist of related videos along with clear call-to-action to increase purchases,like shop finder and/or Point-of-Sales integration.


RSVP's Social offer

  • Measure Owned, Paid & Earned Media
  • 100% brand-safety & transparency
  • Context & Audience Targeting
  • Responsive HTML5 proprietary player
  • Programmatic Premium Media
  • Fully Customizable
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Click-to-Play / Engage-to-View

Clients that work with us

Make your video more than just video

Present your video in a rich interactive format that incorporates games, galleries or related videos combined with a clear Call-to-Action.

Our video player works natively on social media and across web and mobile environments.

We’ve eliminated the doubt associated with viewability and impressions buy offering CPV (Cost per View) or CPCV (Cost per completed View) campaigns. For videos you will pay only if the user has choose to view your content (CPV) or viewed 30 seconds of your content (CPCV).


Want to try RSVP on your next campaign?    

RSVP (Responsive Social Video Platform) provides a comprehensive programmatic solution to easily deliver your social video campaigns across premium publishers and all devices.

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